Teacher Training


Teacher Training

Forever Fit offer a range of health and wellness workshops throughout the year. Often collaborating with fellow health and fitness professionals, our events are aimed at providing relaxation, rejuvenation and a general sense of well-being. 

Are you a pilates teacher and want to further your training, gain some new skills and ideas for your classes, keeping your clients motivated and keen to attend?   Forever Fit offer short, affordable courses for Pilates Instructors. Courses are taught by Caroline Skinner, who has over 16 years experience in teaching Pilates. Caroline is also a qualified Teacher Trainer and Assessor, Yoga Alliance Teacher, and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

Resistance Band CPD Course CPD course

Join me for a two hour crash course in the resistance bands. 

The resistance bands are probably the most widely used piece of mat work equipment as they are affordable, versatile and easy to carry around to and from classes. Clients love the bands too, as they can make some of the more challenging exercises achievable and offer stability and support, yet resistance at the same time.

During this course we will explore the multitude of ways in which the band can be used,  learning new exercises and ideas to help keep  class content fresh and inspiring for clients. 

This course is aimed at Pilates teachers, PTs and fitness instructors. The course is taught via zoom, and is just £25, to include course notes, the live event, as well as the zoom recording of the session.

Pilates with Weights CPD course

Learn how to incorporate hand weights into your classes.

Adding light hand weights into your Pilates classes can have so many benefits for your clients,  including : increased bone density and muscle tone, assisting in upper back and shoulder stabilisation, improved posture, and offering a mild cardiovascular workout. Weights are the ideal piece of equipment to use when working with peri menopausal or menopausal women, as they help to increase bone density, which can rapidly decrease due to lowering oestrogen levels. 

Learn how to use the weights for upper and lower body, from standing and side lying, as well as incorporate them into the traditional mat work exercises. You will learn a whole new series of exercises and techniques to help keep your class content fresh and interesting !

This course is taught via zoom, and is £25 per person, including course notes, the live zoom session, and a recorded session.