Teacher Training


Forever Fit offer a range of health and wellness workshops throughout the year. Often collaborating with fellow health and fitness professionals, our events are aimed at providing relaxation, rejuvenation and a general sense of well-being. 

Teacher Training

Are you a pilates teacher and want to further your training, gain some new skills and ideas for your classes, keeping your clients motivated and keen to attend?   Forever Fit offer short, affordable courses for Pilates Instructors. Courses are taught by Caroline Skinner, who has over 16 years experience in teaching Pilates. Caroline is also a qualified Teacher Trainer and Assessor, Yoga Alliance Teacher, and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

Pilates for Pregnancy CPD Course

Do you want to learn to teach Pilates to a prenatal group of clients? Boost your earning potential teaching this specialised class. 

This is the only course on the market that offers yoga and Pilates combined for pregnancy. 

This course is unique as it combines Pilates exercises adapted for pregnancy with free flowing Yoga inspired movements and stretches. Coupled with breath work, meditation and relaxation, this course enables the Instructor to teach a relaxing, yet dynamic Pilates class, within an environment that is safe and supported for prenatal clients. 

This course will offer : 

✔️ How to teach Pilates exercises to prenatal clients, from 12 weeks onwards, using props and modifications 

✔️ Basic Yoga stretches and Asanas and how to intermingle them with a Pilates routine 

✔️ Full pregnancy anatomy, and anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor

✔️ How to teach pelvic floor exercises and teach clients how to utilise the pelvic floor to assist with birth, labour and postnatal recovery 

✔️ Relaxation techniques to assist with a relaxed and restorative pregnancy, and birth preparation 

✔️ 10 CIMSPA points 

The Fabric Looped Band CPD course

Join Caroline of Forever Fit for a 2 hour Zoom course demonstrating how to use and incorporate the fabric looped band in your Pilates classes and one to ones. This affordable and easily portable prop can really spice up a workout, adding extra resistance and an added challenge. 

✔️Learn lots of new exercises from a standing, side lying, supine and prone posture 

✔️Learn how to use the band to work the upper body and postural muscles 

✔️Challenge your clients and keep them keen and motivated to attend classes

✔️Increase muscle tone and bone density with the band 

£25 per instructor 

To include course notes and zoom recording. The recording is available for 3 months post completion.

Chair Pilates CPD course

Chair Pilates is growing in popularity, especially within an older client base who find it challenging to get up and down from the mat.
Join me for this two hour zoom course to learn how to safely and effectively teach a chair based class. The course will cover:

✔️ Warm up and mobilisation exercises and why these exercises are so vital for an older client base

✔️ Postural and mobility issues and other factors that need to be considered when working with an older client base, including osteoporosis

✔️ Mobility and warm up exercises and alignment

✔️  Upper and lower body and core exercises

✔️ Yoga inspired stretches

✔️  How to incorporate props into a chair class

£25 per Instructor
To include course notes & Zoom link which is available for 3 months post completion date

This course is open to Pilates Teachers and Fitness Instructors

The Small Ball CPD Course

Learn how to incorporate the small ball into your Pilates classes. This affordable and easily portable piece of kit can be used in a multitude of ways: for core strength, balance, resistance and as a prop to assist with concentration and coordination. 

✔️ Gain a whole new repertoire of exercises from a standing, side lying, seated, prone & supine position 

✔️No need to trawl through the internet to find class content… it’s all done for you!

✔️Learn how the ball can assist with the flow of your classes, and can be utilised for stretches as well as a standing warm up

✔️2 hour course taught via zoom by an Active IQ Pilates Assessor & Tutor

✔️ £25 per instructor to include course notes and zoom link, which is available for 3 months

Magic Circle CPD Course

The Pilates Ring, or Magic Circle as it is often referred to, is a fantastic piece of small equipment to add to your classes!

Join me for a 2 hour zoom course where we delve into the magic circle, and learn how it can be used in a multitude of magical ways. 

✔️Gain new ideas and inspiration for your classes, and learn a whole new series of exercises 

✔️This course covers exercises from a standing, prone, supine and side lying position, as well as warm up and cool down moves/ stretches 

✔️Course is taught by an Active IQ Pilates Tutor and Assessor

✔️ £25 per instructor, to include course notes & Zoom recording, which is available for 3 months