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Classes are suitable for most beginners, as well as those who who have done pilates previously. Caroline will offer low options for many of the exercises and she will demonstrate and talk you through each exercise. The beauty of pilates is that it is slow and controlled, you will not have to keep up with the rest of the class, and you can stop and start as you wish. Caroline will walk around the class, and will be able to adjust or move you if you are unsure of something.
You should wear something that you can move freely in and that doesn’t restrict you. Jeans and denim are not appropriate, however, there is also no need to rush out and buy gym gear if you don’t have any. Leggings and a t-shirt work just as well as gym and sports clothes . The main thing is that you feel comfortable and are able to move freely.
Pilates is the perfect form of exercise for those with back and joint pain because it is gentle and low impact. Caroline will offer plenty of advice during class on how to adapt the exercises if you have a specific problem. There are modifications for all of the exercises, so you will be able to join in with the rest of the class. Please notify Caroline prior to attending the class if you have any issues, and she will be able to advise you accordingly.
All regular pilates classes are pay as you go, at a cost of £6-£8. There is the exception of Prenatal classes where booking is essential, and you can pay upfront for 6 sessions. However, Caroline also offers a pay-as-you-go option for these classes if required.
All venues benefit from free parking as well as toilets. Each venue has an area where you can change privately.
All classes are an hour long. You should try to turn up a few minutes before the start time, as some classes get busy at peak times throughout the year.

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